Our Writing Adventures

The kids always ask for more interesting writing topics, so we came up with this one yesterday while working on Language Arts.

Topic: Foods I hate
2 points: 1. bananas 2. brussels sprout

Foods I Hate with All My Senses

I have two foods that I hate the most. These foods are bananas and brussels sprouts. I don’t eat bananas. I hate the sound which people quietly make when eating them. I also don’t ever want to be near any brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are just little stinky balls of lettuce and cabbage. These two foods that I hate are the grossest to smell, see, touch, hear, or eat!

The first time round teaching Language Arts to Chris I argued and fussed to try to get writing assignments done. I still have trouble understanding why anyone wouldn't want to write, but things have changed a lot here. The IEW workshop really helped with this, and I highly recommend the investment in time and expense. We've been doing much more writing all together, paragraphs for Shurley English, level 1, as well as essays and narratives. The kids still get frustrated, but we work through it more easily now.

And Chris, my oldest, isn't traumatized -- praise the Lord -- though he does regularly begin any writing assignment with declaring, "I CAN'T DO IT!" In addition to the writing we do as a group, he does much on his own.

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. John 1:16

I usually have to give him some help in the beginning -- mainly with developing a topic and main points, but beyond that he is fine. The given topics in Shurley English, level 3, are often too broad for him, and he becomes overwhelmed. I've found that simple brainstorming, which isn't covered in the curriculum, alleviates that stress.