What We're Reading

One of the new books I bought the kids for Christmas this year was God Made All of Me, a family read-aloud.
God Made All of Me

I didn't realize when I bought it how in-depth the story would be, and I didn't read it before I gave it to the children. So, when I first read it with them I stumbled through parts -- thankfully, my kids have much less trouble with words like penis, and they need things to be said in a definite way, not just generalized. This book is good for that.

Private parts are the parts covered by your underwear or bathing suit and should not be touched by other people.

A word of caution

You can't just hand this to an 8-year-old to read on his own. Ours stays on the bookshelf, and we only read it all together. There is info in the beginning and end for parents to read that isn't intended for children and is too much for them.

It isn't dangerous, though. It has happened that one of the older two will pick it up to read on their own, and that's been fine.

God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies

by Justin S. Holcomb and Lindsey A. Holcomb & Illustrated by Trish Mahoney
ISBN 978-1-942572-30-5

In What we're reading I share info about some of our favorite read-alouds, some classic, some new.

The time we spend reading books together as a family is not usually part of our school hours, though it can be. We read at various times most days -- not only at bedtime, for instance. My two oldest read well on their own and enjoy their own books. Still, even Chris loves a good family story time.