What he's reading

A couple of years ago I gave Chris the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. It's a great introduction to the Bible for young kids, but it's not a Bible. Once he learned to read well, I wanted to give him something else. The Grow Bible from Crossway was it.

The Grow Bible features the entire holy text in the English Standard Version (ESV) in clear, easy-to-read typeface. The colors, illustrations, and notes make it interesting for young readers without becoming a distraction.

Chris uses it on his own for his Bible study lessons and for personal reading unrelated to school work.

I think the Grow Bible is out of print, but Crossway regularly releases other -- assumably comparable -- Bibles for children such as the Holy Bible for Kids and the Following Jesus Bible.

I only know about the ESV; it's not that I think other versions are less reputable. It seems in recent years, the ESV has taken the place of the once-most-commonly-used NIV.


I just purchased Crossway's newer Holy Bible for Kids this past week. It was not what I wanted or expected. Unlike the Grow Bible (pictured above), the Holy Bible for Kids is simply a Bible with no other notes or study aides save full-page illustrations inserted throughout and child-friendly maps at the back.

The inside pages are not available for view on Amazon.com, so I couldn't tell beforehand which Bible would be most like the Grow Bible which my son loves so much. On Crossway's website I was able to find the Following Jesus Bible which is a transitional Bible for 8-12 year olds according to the publisher. There you can view some pages of the Bible for comparison, and from what I could see, this one is nearly the same as the Grow Bible.