Tuesday, but not

I try to publish an article every Tuesday. It's good to have a schedule for that sort of thing, and since I write nearly daily, I usually have something to work with. Still, it takes hours of work to review, edit, and rewrite any piece. So, I'm not going to prepare anything today.

If you've got some time, please take this hiatus to check out a previous post or two. You can scroll through them at the bottom of the home page.

We're on a homeschool partial-break right now. The week prior to Easter we completed standardized testing to comply with our state's proof of progress requirements. Following Eater, last week, we had a full break during which we focused on cleaning -- but you wouldn't be able to tell that now. Sigh.

So far this week we've worked on reading, and we'll continue to focus on reading for the rest of the week. Monday, we completed the story Bible the children received from us for Easter. (I'll put the Amazon link at the bottom of this post. We loved The Biggest Story.) We'll also continue to sing a selection of our memory songs. We've got songs for Geography, Language Arts, Bible, Math, and History, plus hymns, so there are plenty of songs to choose from.

Our schedule is always pretty loose, but I do have some planning I have got to do before we can run anywhere near smoothly again.