They Want You to Keep Eating

I was at least halfway through the box before I realized I was eating at all.

I sat at my computer writing with a box of crackers next to me. They were Wheat Thins, and I had every intention of only eating a few -- just one serving. I was at least halfway through the box before I realized I was eating at all. Or so it felt.

The cracker snaps in your mouth like a chip. It's salty but also sweet. That taste, mostly sweet and a little salt, spikes on the tongue and mouth right away. Then it quickly dissipates and is gone. Mindlessly, you get another Thin to experience that pleasant sensation again. You're rewarded, and not a full second later, it's gone. You instinctively know what to do, of course; just grab another chip. This would go on forever if the box was bottomless.

sparrow-9950_640A thought came into my mind out of nowhere, as I reached into the yellow box: They want you to keep eating. We've all seen the reports, the episodes of 60 Minutes, and the documentaries explaining how the food and drink manufacturers manipulate us into over-consuming their products. They're manipulating us into over-consuming their products.

A little birdie whispered in my mind's ear: They want you to keep eating.

This was all the motivation I needed to get up and put the snacks back in the pantry.