The Middle of the Night

It's three o'clock in the morning, and I'm up. I was sleeping soundly, finally, when one of the kids quietly came in and informed me that the toilet was overflowing.

I might as well do some writing.

It is not unusual for me to be awake at all hours of the night, causing my mornings to be inconsistent. The children are used to this and most mornings they make breakfast for themselves. Cereal. Bagels with cream cheese. Instant oatmeal. And we occasionally get bakery treats such as muffins and croissants.

I love croissants.

We still have school when our mornings are slow; we just move it to the afternoon.

One of our favorite breakfasts is steel cut oatmeal. I prepare it the night before in the crock pot -- just measure out the water and oats and stir.Bobs_Red_Mill_Natural_Foods_Logo I always put in about a cup less water than the recommended amount so that the oatmeal will be especially thick in the morning. It's very hot, so with cold milk added, the extra-thick oatmeal ends up being the perfect texture for us. I usually add some wheat germ and brown sugar before the kids are down for breakfast; dish up the bowls and leave them out to cool a bit.

Our recipe:  2 cups steel cut oats  4-5 cups water


I purchase Bob's Red Mill oats and wheat germ at Amazon in bulk packages -- much better price than buying one bag at a time at the market.

Wheat germ comes in flakes and can be stirred into anything to add more goodness, as we say. We put it in breads, pancakes, hot cereals. In cereals put the wheat germ in just before eating. I made the mistake of putting wheat germ in the crock pot with the oats and water; in the morning we had very germy cereal. Much too strong.

We still have school when our mornings are slow; we just move it to the afternoon.