The Friday Funnies: Appropriate Responses

A little late, but here we are.

I just saw a movie, The Intern, the other day that was so understated, it was hard to get at the point, and there was clearly a point. Throughout the film the protagonist kept getting subtly offended by others who were never overt enough in their offensiveness to allow me to connect emotionally with the story at all.

The character receives a couple of calls from her mother, which I think are supposed to demonstrate how disinterested she is in her daughter's successes; each end with Jules saying "I love you" and her mom responding with something like "ok" or "yep." My husband and I both thought nothing of these exchanges, but by the second or third occurrence it was clear that it was supposed to be a bad thing (and obvious to us). Well, it wasn't (obvious or bad), and this happens to us all the time in real life.