The Friday Funnies: An Ode to Amazon Prime

A package. delivered. It smiles at us.

A package delivered.
It smiles at us.

Mom, can we open it?
It’s just—
Shh… don’t tell us
But it’s only—
No, wait. Can we see?

An airplane!
And a sailboat!
Oooh, a giant rocket ship
I going to the moon right now!

I thought I got—

Oh look!
There’s more IN the box.

Laundry detergent!
Toilet paper, yes!
Oooh, socks!

So cozy
So warm.

They’re just socks, guys.
Ok, let me have that
I’m a do a wash.

Can I scoop in the new laundry detergent?
Can I open the new toilet paper?
No, I want to open it!
No, me
I’ve got to use the bathroom
Well, so do I
No, you don’t
Yes, I do! You don’t
Give ME the new toilet paper
You use the OLD one!

I didn’t get to fly to Australia yet!

That’s not a plane
it’s a —

— a hippo? — a pot? — a camera? — a martian coming to earth to eat us all?

Nah, it’s just my new
fifty-dollar fabric-lined hand-woven storage basket.


Want to use this box-to-basket idea?
I found it at via Pinterest.