Some Days: Rethinking Productivity

Some days feel so unproductive. Sometimes, I spend the day flying from task to task or errand to errand, and at the end of it I have something solid, that's done. Well, done is an exaggeration; I'm almost never done with anything. Still, once the clothes are washed and the tub wiped and all the teeth brushed, I'll end the day with clothes, tub, and teeth clean(er than they were). I do some of these things everyday, yes, but some days nearly nothing gets washed or brushed or any closer to clean.

I spent most of today playing with a little one. I also taught 1st and 5th grade math. I played with a cat. I folded some clothes that are still in a basket. Wrote a couple of sentences on a blog...

I'm learning to let go of dreams I had and focus. It's slow. I don't know if there are extraordinary things I want to do that I can do -- or more significantly, that I should do. I'm not even sure there are uninteresting things I want to do that I ought do -- getting the laundry all the way from hamper to washer and back to hanging in the closet comes to mind. What I do know is that I am Mommy. If I don't do anything, I have to do that.