Psychotherapy: I Just Don't Like It

Ok, I'll say it. I hate counseling.

Your psychotherapist is not your friend. It's her job to care about you, but beyond that you're not her concern or business. So, for counseling to work right you've got to form a trusting relationship, a friend-like one, with your clinician without becoming actually involved in each other's lives.

School is similar. You are in a relationship with each of your teachers but not. It's their job to care about you, like a sorority sister, but real connection is generally discouraged for fear of developing an inappropriate bond. I never liked that dance. I found it both frustrating and confusing -- especially in hindsight.

I could leave a counseling appointment one day and never hear from or see that person again. If I've got to miss an appointment, which happened a couple of weeks ago, and can't schedule the next date in person as I usually would, I might never go back. No one's going to call and say, "hey, how are you?" She's going to go on with her life, perhaps, occasionally wondering if I'm still alive somewhere.

Even my optometrist sends a postcard after a while.

Clearly, my system of support needs to include more people than my counselor, who I pay to listen to me.