One More Thing About the Movie

I saw the popular movie Wonder Woman in the theater with my husband recently, and I’m still thinking about all of the implications and beautiful inferences to our world and our Lord. The romance between Diana and Steve was not surprising. Even if you had no prior knowledge of the Wonder Woman mythology, you would know a love story would develop between them from the first arrival of a prominent male character on the screen.

As I mention in my previous post about this movie, Steve is a refreshingly intelligent and somewhat complex character - unlike the fool of a man he is on the classic TV show. He has flaws as does every character, save Diana. And unlike the playful banter of the television show, Wonder Woman grows to love Steve, and he loves her deeply. This love ultimately colors her view of all men.

Throughout the movie, I kept expecting Wonder Woman to come up with a reason to help the humans, for her to find something inherent in them that would warrant her protection — even her life. She never does, and it warmed my heart to see it. She fights alongside them and for them because of love. The refrain in the film was "It's not about deserving; it's about what you believe." This admittedly doesn't make sense. It should say: It's not about deserving; it's about love.

I could not help but think of our Creator who for the sake of love altered his life -- in multiple ways -- for us. From creation, itself, to our redemption by his own excruciating death, he has loved us for his own pleasure and by his own choice.

It's not at all about deserving. He loves us because he chooses to.