On Writing

I feel like I can't write sometimes. And at other times it's as natural as walking. Just today I've started two -- this one makes three -- different potential blog posts that I may or may not finish. I have enough to begin, but then that's all. The words don't form.

In my defense I am exhausted, but I'm usually tired. It feels like something happens to my brain. Something that eventually pushes me into remembering that I'm not that good of a writer.

I've never received an award for my artwork. Oftentimes, I'll look back on something I've written, and shared, with mostly regret. I've got my neck stuck out pretty far every time I write a sentence down somewhere. Words that have been said can't be unsaid. A blog post that's been published can't be un-published. The delete button is just for show -- we all know that.

This may be all until the flurry (or, perhaps, the fury) returns again.