Of Life, Love, Reason, and Tears

I came across an article today that stopped me in my tracks. I probably read more abortion-related news than people usually do, and that does have some of a desensitizing effect. I shake my head at the stories, reason through the madness with whoever will listen; often, I am disheartened and appalled. Less often I feel the full weight of sadness that abortion deserves. A few words here and there change that. Today it was the statement "one third of my generation is gone" that immediately brought grief and tears.

I don't care for statistics; I've grown to consider them untrustworthy. But, the sheer number of deaths -- even conservatively estimated -- due to elective abortions is horrific.

So many lives have been lost, many brutally.

one third of my generation is gone

At some point this will be appalling to everyone everywhere. At some point we will collectively shake our heads and ask how this could have ever occurred. My next sentence was going to say that at some point we would replace this evil with another equally horrific, but that's cynicism talking.

Cynicism is appropriate. Hope is also.

We humans will never stop coming up with ways to be evil; we are so self-serving and false. It's our nature now. That would be, should be our collective, hopeless end, but the one who made us has promised rescue, and we can trust him to finish it.

He is good. He will bring about a good end. And then nothing but him and pleasure and life.

article "A Millennial Perspective on Roe v. Wade" by Maria Gallagher from 1/23/17 via NRL last accessed on 5/15/17.