Not a beauty queen

I have a saying I speak to myself often after I've gotten dressed that just came to mind now as I work in my art journal. I say "I'm not trying to be a beauty queen" to remind myself not to stress over perfection. It's a reminder in front of the mirror in the morning that I want to be put-together, but I am not trying to be admired everywhere I go. Usually, I look fine. (I did notice recently I've been forgetting about the importance of matching colors though.)

I'm not trying to be a beauty queen

I am proud of my artwork and poetry. Even though most of it will only be seen by me, I work hard on each piece. But, I'm not trying to be a master artiste. Sometimes, perhaps the best times, I'm just playing around with my kids, drawing doughnuts instead of spaceships because I can't draw a spaceship.

That's all I've got to say on this one. Perhaps, it will do you some good.

I feel like I should put a little moral-of-the-story line here to wrap up this mini-post. Something like "Be you" or "Be the best you," but I keep deleting every quaint bowtie I write. Draw your own conclusion.