Merry Christmas

I was watching a show on the History channel the other day -- the one with the guys who buy old, rust-covered stuff for hundreds of dollars -- and one exchange caught in my mind. Mike and Frank were picking in a overfull storage space as they usually are on the show, and Mike came across these large, light-up crucifixes. There was nothing particularly unusual about that; what struck me was what he said. "I turned around and there was the Lord Jesus..." The fact that he called him Lord Jesus is the reason I remember it at all. It flowed normally, like he was talking of the blue sky or the little girl. Girls are little. The sky is blue. Jesus is the Lord.

I don't know anything about Mike or Frank. The show is about their travels collecting antiques for their Antique Archeology stores, and it's not faith-based at all. And Mike, talking about the crucifixes, wasn't making a religious comment. In some sense, he probably wasn't saying anything about anything.

For me it was a reminder, a beautiful, little tap. What we believe or do not believe does not determine what is true. We are not the center of the story in that way. The sky is blue. Fire is hot. Balls are round. Jesus is Lord.

Merry Christmas.