Gladness in the Place of Mourning

At the DNC the leader of NARAL shared her story of how her first child was killed, and then she smiled. The crowd (cautiously) cheered. She went on to speak proudly of her two living children as though that first child, unnamed, unmourned, unwanted was of no worth at all.

President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, Ilyse Hogue, at the DNC, July 2016.

Over even the best moments of this year's democratic convention, there was a dark, morbid cloud. From Ms. Hogue's triumphant admission of infanticide to the presence of the callous Cecile Richards, president of America's largest abortion provider, we were given more than a glimpse of the continuing rhetoric of a Clinton Administration should the Secretary be elected later this year.

When giving a reason for the termination of her first pregnancy, Hogue said it was simply "not the right time." And because this child was conceived at an inconvenient time, she arranged for his or her death. Legally and without remorse. And because of this, she was cheered, lauded in one article after another for her courage, a hero.

featured image diaan11 via pixaby