Friday at Home: A Four-Day Week

Sometimes, we need a reset.

We didn't try to fit schoolwork in on Friday this week, and it turned out great. Instead, we used it as a cleaning day. Neighborhood friends came by and played with the kids without it being any problem at all. They worked very hard on cleaning up their rooms while I cleaned my own and worked on the laundry. I've seen some hs moms call it a home-ec day, and yeah, I guess that describes it well.

Sometimes, we need a reset. Soon, we'll need to do an extended break just to get ourselves together and rework our routine. We are flailing a bit for now, but since we school year-round, we can break at any time. I'm thinking the Christmas break will be extended, a full break for a week or two and then a partial break for the rest of the month. I may even flip that. The options really are endless.

We don't take a lot of long breaks; we're more likely to take a day here and a morning there. Too much of a break leads to boredom and blanket forts. I hate blanket forts. And boredom, of course, brings on excessive whining, but that's another matter. The main problem with breaks, full or partial, is that the kids get used to doing less work. Then, that expectation continues. So, I try to keep them doing most -- or all -- of their independent work even while on break. If you include reading and math application as well as their other interests, such as geography, nature, and looking things up in the dictionary, you could say we never really break from school at all. And that's better than having a set-in-stone schedule anyway.

The options really are endless.

Featured image by RyanMcGuire via Pixabay