Fisher-Price is Nice

a good way to introduce children to the computer

I was looking for some coloring pages to print out for the kids, and when I went to our trusty, I realized that I hadn't mentioned it in any of my posts thus far.

I ran across this site when my oldest was not quite a toddler. I was probably looking for some toy, which you can also do there of course, and found games and activities for children his age. His first games were peek-a-boo games which only required him to press any button on the keyboard. He learned to enjoy these games on his own; my other children ended up needing more help from me for longer. Either way it has proven to be a good way to introduce the children to the computer, including how to use a keyboard.

There are some very entertaining apps too for infants/toddlers.

We still check the site regularly for printables and online games. There are some apps too for infants/toddlers that are very entertaining for Boobah.

I'll add this site to resources. After I add resources -- ahem.

And no, I'm not paid for writing this. We really do like and fisher-price apps. Check it out.

Oh, it's educational too. Perhaps, I should have said that to begin with. You can never tell how much information is absorbed by your little ones in infancy, but becoming familiar with numbers, counting, and stories certainly won't hurt.

It's always better to download from a trusted source -- it's Fisher-Price. I know them.

The printouts have been helpful for us as a quick example of certain shapes. Chris knew the alphabet well-before being formally taught to read; perhaps, he learned it while playing these games. (Perhaps, he learned it from Sesame Street. Or maybe the Alphabet Song was just one of the little ditties I used to sing to him each day. Who knows?)

And it's always better to download from a trusted source. I don't have to wonder if it's a real blogger mom or someone trying to do me harm -- it's Fisher-Price. I know them.

Now, we can always worry if it's really them or just someone pretending to be them... but let's not.