A Preteen Chat

First of all, an eight year old can't get married. And you can only marry one person!

I had a wonderful conversation with Chris a couple of days ago. I want to let you in on part of it.

I told Chris he'll probably start noticing girls more now that he's getting older. He agreed saying that Charlie, who is only four, doesn't like girls at all right now, "but he'll have lots of girlfriends when he's eight or nine."

As I agreed with him, he continued, "of course I mean girls who are your friends and not people you want to marry. First of all, an eight-year-old can't get married. And you can only marry one person!"

We didn't learn that in school. Just normal course-of-life stuff, here, folks.

Encouraging, isn't it? So, take heart, Momma, this is what we do.