A Change Next

Spent the evening with my head spinning.

An update on side effects


Dizziness & Fatigue

Spent the evening yesterday with my head spinning. I may have missed one or two doses in the past couple of days which always causes dizziness, but last night I was very dizzy. I recall dozing off in the afternoon. I remember it because the kids kept asking me questions -- about going outside and what to eat and the color of the sky and the baby's dirty diaper -- and I had to fight to make reasonable answers. For some reason they always ask Mommy first.

Increased Appetite & Changes in Mood and Concentration

I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open even now. And boy, am I hungry! I ate a usual-sized breakfast this morning and a wonderful taco salad last night. You wouldn't know it though.

drive-44386_1280I'm still quite dizzy. I wouldn't operate any heavy machinery like this. I wouldn't run a marathon or spin round and round quickly. Still, I am alert enough to do most of my daily work and to be present with my charges. My emotions are mellow -- artificially so -- but I expect that to even out in a few days or weeks. Actually, I expect it all to even out soon enough.

When I began taking Zoloft a year-and-a-half ago, I was swirly in the head for at least a week or two. Driving gave the most trouble. For a while it was impossible to focus -- forgetting to look before changing lanes, for instance. This effect has subsided but can still be triggered by hunger and even mild dehydration.

It's too early for any benefits to be apparent.