A Baby is not a Fetus

I was wandering around the web, looking at blogs, reading comments in support of abortion. I do that.

I came across a couple of comments questioning (or mocking) the pro-life tendency to call an unborn fetus a baby and to use photos of full-grown babies and children in propaganda. The argument is that abortion is not murder because a fetus is not a baby.

The frustrated commenters were right I think; a fetus is not a baby. A fetus is a fetus or embryo or zygote. Of course, none of this matters much; it's just semantics. For instance, in our house, we regularly refer to my toddler as a baby. Women, chatting in a group, say, will often call each other girls. Someone talking about her boys does not necessarily mean male children.

A fetus gradually becomes a baby. A baby gradually becomes a toddler. A toddler gradually becomes a senior-citizen. A fetus, a baby, a 98-year-old man do not become human. They do not become people. Biologically, and in every other way, a new human being is formed when an egg and sperm unite. Fetus, zygote, thirty-something are all developmental stages.